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Midshipmen & Our Military Friends
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Well Mids, here is one of your biggest fans, If one of you are lucky, you will get to meet this beautiful young lady... Good Luck.
Some of USNA\'s Beautiful future swimers.
Our Girl Courtney working on a Colossal Shake with her class mates on Man Vs Food show

Ricky Dobbs, USNA Quarterback
Ted & Ricky Dobbs, USNA Quarterback 2009
Joel A. Maldonado
Joel A. Maldonado Staff Sergeant, a great young man from a great family.
Mr & Mrs. Capt O'Neil visiting with our son, Gerald.
Mr & Mrs. Capt O'Neil visiting with our son, Gerald.

pajama party
Some of sponsor kids with their friends. Class of 08 pajama party
Chris Davis, Enrique Harris, Kyle Hayhurst
Chris Davis with 1/C Enrique Harris #20, and 2/C Kyle Hayhurst #40
Gerald's graduation
Beth & I were lucky to be able to attend Gerald's graduation from Nuke School in Charleston.

King Hall, USNA
Having dinner with some of our mids in King Hall, USNA
Midshipmen Zachary
Midshipmen Zachary. It is pleasure to make some many good friends.
Jeff Deliz
Jeff Deliz #17 team captain class of 07 and Clint Sovie #44 team captain class of 08.
Harry's birthday
Harry's birthday with
his buddies

Gerald (one of our first Sponsor kids, we proudly call him son) with his friends at his graduation party 08

I am proud to put our boys boards on

Mom puts her boys hat on for the first time.

He deserves everything he gets. What a great young man. We proudly call Gerald, "Son"!

Trace, what a great young man. Stay in touch.

Mark, thanks for all the fun times, We hope you stay in touch.

How proud are the Geisen Family of their son Brian.

Proud Father Commander John Geison & Son Brian. It is great to be a small part
of their lives.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your great day.

Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada
Navy Quarter back Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada & Ted
Benjamin W Sammis Benjamin W Sammis, Capt USMC. I will remember him every day when I do the pledge to the flag. May Ben be resting in peace. I am honored to know Ben's parents and my heart goes out to them.Ben is being honored on our 1931 Buick project honoring our service men & women.

Dan Brookes Dan Brookes in Iraq. People, count your blessings! Dan is on the other side of the world protecting us and his beautiful wife and two little children come in the delly all the time waiting patiently for him. Just today I saw them and I can't believe I always call his little girl gorgeous and I didn't realize I didn't say it to her and she ask her mom why Uncle Teddy didn't call me gorgeous today. Can you imagine a 3 year old said this. It makes you realize how great life is. Of course I had to run out the the car and say "see you later" to gorgeous before she left. I can not let her think I forgot. It is important to support our troops and their families. Why should a man or woman have to miss something as great as their child growing up?
Military Friends
Major General Allen was the first Marine Commandant of the USNA. He is a great friend and has a great family. He is now serving in Iraqi. We can't wait till he comes home safe.
Military Friends
Major General USMC (Ret) J.A. Davis It is an honor to know you and your family.
Military Friends
2nd LT. Michele Perez USNA and her sister Capt. Perez, Marine Corps. They are great ladies and their family and our country has to be proud to have them.
Military Friends
Don't be shy around Uncle Ted. I saw a few mids and a couple of pretty girls and just had to do some match making. Don't you think Ray & Liliya make a great couple?
Military Friends
Cat, US Army DJ Skelton served in Iraqi and was wounded. DJ, it is a great honor to be able to say you are our friend. I truly thank you for your service and allowing us to have the freedom we have. DJ, THANK YOU!
Military Friends
The best dressed man in Iraqi. We have the honor to have Commander John Geisen's three girls, Gabbie, Molly & Hannah working on the weekends at the Delly. Thank you, God bless you all, we love you.
Military Friends
Major Scott T Derkach We look forward to seeing you soon. I can't wait for you to see our 1931 Buick project. Stay well.
Military Friends
We proudly sponsor this young man Gerald Brooks, now first class at the USNA. Gerald keep working hard and enjoy every. You are a credit to the USNA!
Military Friends
Gerald enjoying his birthday dinner with our (his new) family.
Midshipman Gerald Brooks
Gerald Brooks. We are proud to be his sponsor.
Midshipman Chris Davis
MIDN3 Chris Davis plays on Navy Sprint team
From bottom left, Brenda, Eric, Jay, Brittany & Lauren From right: Justin, Jon, Jessica, Kristen & Joe
JJ, first Mid we sponsored
Sue, Joe, Ted & Beth
Sue, Joe, Ted & Beth, parents of JJ having fun at Naval Academy
JJ & mids marching up Main street on the way to a football game. Shh, Don't tell anyone JJ is ready to catch a Milk Shake from Chick & Ruth's.
Ted, Joe, Sue, Mike and Mids
Ted, with mids we sponsor, Joe & Sue and Mike (right end) professor at USNA at 2005 Army/Navy game
Our Mid JJ in black shirt, Brooks mid to left runs track so we don't see him much, other two mids over from time to time. Scott in center.
JJ's Dad
JJ's Dad, Says that's my son. But don't call the police on Joe, I must admit it he didn't do it, I did maybe?
It is great being a sponsor. They seldom make any noise. "Great Men, It's an honor to have them over"
Navy Goats
Checking out the Navy Goats in Phili
Army-Navy Game
Great times at the Navy-Army game with mids we know
Blue Angels
The Blue Angel Pilots, Thanks for all you do, Ted & Beth
Brenden Dean and Ted
Brenden Dean, New friend, Plebe class of 2010. Perfect young man for the USNA.
JJ, Mark, Colin, Trace, Isaac, Chris, Michael, Jerson & Jake at my (Ted's) 50th birthday celebration at the Delly.

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