Street Address: 165 Main Street · Annapolis, Maryland 21401 

Phone: (410) 268-5665


Directions from Baltimore-Washington International Airport

  1. Start out going Southeast on FRIENDSHIP RD towards RETURN TO TERMINAL. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  2. Stay straight to go onto DEPARTURES. [Distance 0.0miles (0.1km)]
  3. Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
  4. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto I-195 West . [Distance 0.3miles (0.6km)]
  5. Take the MD-170 RAMP towards I-97/ANNAPOLIS, BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.1 miles (0.2km)]
  6. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  7. Turn RIGHT onto AVIATION BLVD/SR-170 North. [Distance 1.1miles (1.7km)]
  8. AVIATION BLVD/SR-170 North becomes AVIATION BLVD/SR-162 South. [Distance 2.3miles (3.7km)]
  9. Turn LEFT onto DORSEY RD/SR-176 East. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  10. Take the I-97 South/MD-3 South ramp towards ANNAPOLIS/BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.1miles (0.1km)]
  11. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  12. Merge onto I-97 South. [Distance 14.6miles (23.5km)]
  13. Take the EXIT on the LEFT. [Distance 0.3miles (0.5km)]
  14. Take the US-50 East/US-301 North ramp towards ANNAPOLIS/BAY BRIDGE. [Distance 0.3miles (0.4km)]
  15. Merge onto US-50 East/US-301 North. [Distance 2.4miles (3.8km)]
  16. Take the MD-70/ROWE BLVD Exit, EXIT NUMBER 24, Towards BESTGATE RD/ANNAPOLIS. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
  17. Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. [Distance 0.3miles (0.5km)]
  18. Merge onto ROWE BLVD/SR-70 East. [Distance 1.0miles (1.7km)]
  19. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ROWE BLVD. [Distance 0.2miles (0.3km)]
  20. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto NORTHWEST ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  21. Turn RIGHT onto CHURCH CIRCLE. [Distance 0.1miles (0.1km)]
  22. Turn RIGHT onto DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST. [Distance 0.2miles (0.4km)]
  23. Turn LEFT onto GREEN ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]
  24. Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST. [Distance 0.1miles (0.2km)]

TOTAL DISTANCE : 24.6 Miles (39.5 km)