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Hello everyone,
We stayed overnight in your room 204, on 31 May 07, it was really a sweet room. The queen size bed was very comfortable. I most enjoyed going down for breakfast, & saying the Pledge of Allegance— haven't done that since grade school! The servers were all very freindly, and the food, WOW the food was great! Hope to be able to return to enjoy your hospitality again.Thank you for making our stay in Annapolis such fun.

      Karen & Chris

I stayed at the Scotlaur Inn above your deli. We had the time of our lives. We had a wonderful breakfast every morning and everyone was so nice to us and our son. Every time we ate there someone would give our son a twizzler to eat. (you spoiled him more than we do and that is very hard to do) The one lady who worked in the morning was especially wonderful, my son even called her grandma. I don't know her name but, she has a 16 or 17 year old child and a or 3 year old too. Anyway there were a few others that were a very big part of our experience.
      Ted, when we call and made the reservations we ordered a crib and when we arrived there, whoever took the call didn't write down that we needed one. Anyway, we went to eat and when we got back the crib was in our room and a note from you (we still have it). All was taken care of immediately. The whole experience was great. He (your cook) was very accommodating to me and my husband also, he always went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect for us. I just wanted to tell you that the experience had was awesome. Thank your for making the start of both of our second marriages a wonderful lifetime memory. We are bringing all our children back so they can experience the life of Chicks & Ruth's Delly and the Scotlaur Inn.

      Thank you very much, Guy & Evelyn / CA

Thanks for the singing Happy Birthday to my husband Mark when we checked in. Didn't expect that!! Nice Surprise.
      Mark & Gwyn / PA

Everything was excellent! This is the only place we're staying whenever we visit Annapolis.
      J. Noel / NY

Charming! Quaint. Love this place. This is my fourth time here. I like Ted's magic & jokes. Your restaurant is what an old fashioned deli is suppose to be.
      Richard / VA

One week ago today my family and I were in Annapolis for my son's wedding. we're from Austin Texas and had a rather large group on several different days consuming the wonderful food served in your wonderful establishment WOW... two wonderfuls in one sentence!
      I'm writing this letter because god has put some feelings in my heart that I need to share with you. Please bear with me- When you shared your story with us about your life we were all moved. I know you weren't telling us to impress us, but rather were sharing because that's what our world needs more of... people who open themselves to others as god intended. God has blessed us with five fabulous children and I pray that one day they will understand what an example you are. It is good for them to see that people, other than their dad, truly care about others.
      I will always tell others to eat only at Chick and Ruth's when visiting Annapolis. Who knows, one of my kids might attend the Academy. So you can count on us making the Scotlaur Inn our home away from home.

      Peace, Joy, and love! In his Grip / Joe Vaughn & Family TX.

Always enjoy ourselves here - great place with great people. Thank ya,
      The Germanis / DE

Keep up the Family Tradition!
      Peter / FL

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